Our Platform

Making Bioengineering a Reality.

Sestina Bio is the first synthetic biology company to adopt the use of ultra-high throughput single cell technologies to generate high-dimensional data sets that are orders of magnitude larger than those of our competitors. This enables us to apply advanced machine learning algorithms to create predictive systems-level learning models.The result is the most efficient, generalizable, and powerful synthetic biology platform in the world.


Minimal Design

The Sestina approach starts with restrained rational engineering, with an emphasis on maintaining fitness. Then, whole genome libraries of thousands of precise edits are screened to identify improvements far out of reach of the classical pipeline. These edits can be sampled in combinatorial libraries to identify strains that maximize beneficial epistasis while minimizing fitness loss.


Cells not Wells

Thanks to new microfluidic technologies, the Sestina platform allows for tens to hundreds of thousands of individual genetic variants to be made, tracked, and measured on the scale of days to weeks representing significant improvements in biological diversity generation and exploration throughput and efficiency.

100X Greater


Combining Biology, Big Data, and ML

We have developed proprietary methods for producing an Atlas of data that is 100X larger than existing platforms. This data is then used to create predictive, ML-based models that helps us navigate complex biological space and produce better, higher performing strains.


Building for Biomanufacturing

As a foundational principle, the Sestina platform designs strains fit for large scale manufacturing to address the needs of the customer and target market. We emphasize strain fitness from the beginning and utilize high throughput screens that challenge scale-relevant parameters.

Deep Partnerships

We are building a resilient partner ecosystem to support the strain development effort at Sestina. This approach requires attention to the entire supply chain–from feedstock to formulation. Working with partners early reduces risk and ensures that all stages remain aligned.

Real Solutions for Real Problems

The total market for this sector is one of the largest, most diverse, and fastest growing in the world. Sestina’s commercial strategy is to use our platform to develop “hero” ingredients that can be incorporated in novel end products for a huge variety of different markets.