Delivering On the Promise of
Synthetic Biology

Sestina is transforming what’s possible through synthetic biology. Moving from bespoke operations to large-scale discoveries, we deliver learnings in cellular systems that are simple in design, holistic in structure, and high in impact.

Designed for Real World Scaling

We innovate and incorporate learnings across the entire biomanufacturing pipeline, from feedstock to final manufacturing. This allows us to build robust strains 4x faster and 10X more efficiently than our competitors, improving with each new design we build.

The World’s Most Valuable Products, Made Sustainably

Sestina’s mission is to develop a better way of making products the world needs. By building natural products in a way never done before, we’re designing a better future and making a healthier planet possible. And it’s all thanks to the incredible power of synthetic biology.

Delivering on the Promise of Synthetic Biology

Sestina is the first company in the synthetic biology space to take advantage of the single cell revolution. Sestina has deliberately designed new tools to generate 100X the data of existing approaches, using closed-loop learning curves to drive new biological insights.

Our platform

Making Bioengineering a Reality.

Sestina is designing the new era of synthetic biology. The result is the most efficient, generalizable, and powerful synthetic biology platform in the world.

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